Sonya Jasinski & Kate York

Sonya is a London-based family, portrait and music documentary photographer. Growing up on both sides of the Atlantic, she found her passion for photography at an early age, falling in love with the Country Music scene on her very first visit to Nashville. Sonya’s commissions include Rolling Stone, Q magazine, Warner Music, and Universal Records, as well as many fantastic projects for independent labels based both in the UK and the U.S. Traveling between LA, Nashville, and London, whether on tour with artists or with them in the studio, on set or at home with actors, Sonya always connects with her subject and consistently captures effortlessly intimate and spirited reportage.

Kate is an Emmy-nominated singer/songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her impressive catalog of songs includes numerous syncs on the hit U.S. show Nashville. Highly regarded among the very best of Nashville’s luminaries as one of its brightest stars, Kate is also an acclaimed photographer. She takes intimate documentary-style photographs of the artists in her community and further afield. As well as being published by Rolling Stone, she has worked on both the business and creative sides of the music industry for over fifteen years and has a fantastic eye for capturing the countless magical moments of spontaneity and creativity that emanate around Music City and beyond.


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